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TilesHub offers the best quality, modern tiles at the lowest prices. We offer the latest designs inspired by interior tile trends and provide exceptional service, with delivery direct to your premises. Our commitment to quality is backed up with a warranty on all items.

We Make Quality Tiles Affordable

TilesHub offers a large selection of tiles at competitive prices, supplied directly from our manufacturers. This way, we eliminate overstock and can retail online, removing the overheads of additional warehousing and retail spaces, to offer the best prices of trade quality tiles you can find.

Cost-saving and tiling yourself? We also offer accessories, tools and how-to guides for DIY. Click here to go to our blog.

Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles Inspired by Tile Trends 

Our unique selection of porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles includes a wide range of shapes, designs, colours and sizes. When shopping for tiles for the kitchen, bathroom and other spaces, you may prefer to first search our website by tile trend and then filter by end-use and design to the left of the page.

Shopping for Tiles Made Easy 

We offer a large selection of kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and tiles for other spaces, made of porcelain and ceramic and designed specifically for their end-use.

The information below gives a quick introduction to which type of tile you might need and why we categorise our tiles as we do. To easily find the tiles that you need, simply shop by room, and then filter by your specific end-use and select other relevant filters to the left of the page to find the designs that you like.

Porcelain Tiles vs Ceramic Tiles 

Materials used for tiling include porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, glass and vinyl. Of these, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles offer the best value in terms of durability, price and range of designs and effects.

Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are both made of clay and fired in a kiln. The difference between the two is that Porcelain tiles are made of a more refined clay and fired at a higher temperature to achieve a denser, more durable product. Whether you opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles depends on the end-use and your budget.

The Difference Between Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles 

Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles are both suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen, however, they may feature different finishes and sizes to make them more suited for their end-use.

Kitchen tiles are resistant to grease, spills and stains and are useful for the floor, walls and backsplash. Kitchen Floor Tiles are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Meanwhile, Kitchen Wall Tiles can be more delicate and decorative. Popular tiles for kitchen walls include quarry, stone, cork, vinyl, bamboo, ceramic, porcelain and glass. Popular tiles for kitchen counters and floors include vinyl, cork, bamboo, quarry, ceramic, and porcelain.

Bathroom tiles are designed to withstand constant moisture and include anti-slip floor tiles, and wall tiles for the shower, bath and backsplash. Usually, bathroom tiles are made of ceramic, porcelain or natural stone for their durability, water resistance and texture. Bathroom floor tiles can be smaller in size to facilitate drainage, while bathroom wall tiles tend to have a glossier finish for easy maintenance. Due to their dense construction, Porcelain tiles offer superior resistance to water for use in the bathroom.

Choosing the best type of tile for your kitchen or bathroom is made easy with TilesHub. Simply shop by Kitchen Tiles or Bathroom Tiles and make use of the filters to the left of the page to find the designs that you like and need.

Floor Tiles vs Wall Tiles 

Floor tiles and wall tiles are designed to be suitable for their specific end-use. Our floor tiles are thicker and harder to withstand foot traffic and furniture and have a non-slip finish. Our wall tiles tend to be thinner and typically have a smoother finish unless this is a feature of the design.

If you’re renovating rooms on a budget, we have the tiles for you. 

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