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Want durable tiles that can take the weight of seven Elephants?

Porcelain tiles are literally a feat of engineering that we could talk about all day, did you know they are naturally germ and bacteria resistant?

With TilesHub you’ll get an elegant look that is long lasting, at an affordable price, and without any faff.

We’ve cleared the confusion for you

At TilesHub we bring innovation to buying durable tiles on a budget, you don’t want to spend your precious time scrolling, all our Porcelain tiles are suitable for both walls and floors. You need only to decide what you like best.

We’ve outlined the benefits of each colour, so you can choose the perfect mood and look for you. Whether you’re looking for practical ease or help with making up your mind, TilesHub has you covered.

With 3D photography that shows you every crevice and shimmer, you won’t have to wait for samples either.

We know that buying tiles isn’t just about the beautiful product, it’s the service too, that is why we have a dedicated helpline to answer any questions, from now until beyond delivery.


We buy direct from manufacturers to pass on the savings to you

You may have previously bought tiles elsewhere and they arrived cracked and damaged, they passed through three different warehouses before reaching you. Here at TilesHub, we handpick our tiles direct from manufacturers and store them right here in the UK for speedy delivery to you within 3-5 working days.


 With TilesHub you reap the savings from our streamlined sales process.